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Dominique Sijs Collective - Logo Design

In short
Belgian linguist Dominique Sijs, immersed in translating for animation, desired a logo blending her expertise with 1950s vintage charm. Overcoming challenges, I seamlessly integrated iconic word bubbles, a 1950s-inspired color palette, and tailored typography to create a logo that harmonizes contemporary flair with nostalgic charm.
Project scope
Logo Design
Typography & Color
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The Case

Dominique Sijs, a Belgian linguist specializing in translating dialogue for voice dubbing in foreign market animation films & series, sought a logo reflecting her unique expertise. And in addition, Dominique was also curious to see if I could design the logo in her favorite vintage design style of the 1950’s. Here’s how I found a way to fulfill both of her wishes, while maintaining a contemporary touch.

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My Design Fix

The primary hurdle was visually capturing the role of a translator in a fresh way. Although initially hesitant about using word bubbles, a breakthrough came during my exploration of 1950s vintage designs, particularly the iconic signage of restaurants and drive-in cinemas. The rounded asymmetrical shapes of these signs translated seamlessly into original word bubbles. Overlapping them, I incorporated an ellipsis, symbolizing Dominique's translating prowess.

Color Palette

Given Dominique's focus on animation films, I drew inspiration from the 1950s, cinema's first "golden era" of 3D. Referencing the red/blue anaglyph filters of iconic paper glasses, I chose a dark grey as the overlapping color, adding depth to the logo.


Completing the logo involved selecting the perfect typeface. Enter 'Mouse Memoirs,' inspired by vintage Mickey Mouse & Uncle Scrooge comic books from Walt Disney in the 1950s and 60s. This choice not only paid homage to animation but also resonated with Dominique's preferred era – the 1950s.

“The collaboration with Gilles worked out seamlessly from A to Z. I had quite specific wishes for the design of my logo, which Gilles understood perfectly and managed to translate into my current logo. He listens, interprets correctly, does what you ask but also dares to think differently and to suggest alternatives. In the end, one of his alternative suggestions also became the final version, so there you go ;) The communication was cordial and amicable from the start, and it still is to this day. Keep up the good work, Gilles!!!”

— Dominique Sijs

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