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Olympian Gods - Wordmarks

In short
Here you can follow my progress on designing contemporary wordmarks for the twelve Olympian gods. This personal project, ignited by my love for wordmark logos and Greek mythology, strives for bold modernity and simplicity, while steering clear of conventional ancient Greek motifs.
Project scope
Logo Design
Custom Wordmark
Typography & Color

The Case:

On this page I’ll be sharing the development of a personal design project; contemporary wordmark designs for each of the twelve great gods of the ancient Greeks were known as the Olympians. Inspired by what each member of this Greek pantheon represents. Because wordmarks are my favorite of the seven logo types to design.

I set a challenge to keep things simple. They're meant to be bold and modern, avoiding typical ancient Greek designs like columns, laurel wreaths, or literal depictions of gods and goddesses. However, every design choice must be meaningful and suit the unique essence of each god.

But first, what is a wordmark?

A wordmark (or logotype) is a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company, institution, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding. With the intention to promote name recognition.
Some famous wordmark examples are the logos of Coca Cola, Disney, Google and NASA.

My Design Fix:

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